Sep 12, 2008

Feature: America Ferrera: Living the American Dream

America Ferrera of Ugly BettyHer sparkling smile alone has totally captivated audiences, not to mention her acting versatility at the young age of 24. Seeing her walk the red carpet dressed up in elegant evening gowns, we can say that America Ferrera has definitely lived the American dream.

This young hot Latina beauty first caught our heart here in eAve in her critically acclaimed performance as Ana Garcia in the movie Real Women Have Curves, a movie that proved that any girl can reach her aspirations and make them come true--even if she's not a princess. Then she jumped into the boob tube and became known as Ugly Betty, whose inner beauty shoved off all the superficial madness today's culture has to offer. Most of all, we watched her transform from being a chubby child star into a sexy, gorgeous, elegant Hollywood princess. Now what's next?

America Ferrera's now back in the big screen in the second installment of the 2005 all-girl adventure flick, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Opening just before the school year starts, the movie's one perfect reel for those who still long for the summer vacation. So, if you want to see how America Ferrera lives today's American dream, then better hit the theaters right now.

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America Ferrera of Ugly Betty

America Ferrera: Living the American Dream

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