Oct 28, 2008

Amazing: Purple Tomato Could Fight Cancer

Tomatoes can produce anthocyanins which helps fight cancer. But when British researchers added the genes of the snapdragon flower, tomatoes ripened and transformed into a purple-colored fruit. Now that tomatoes changed its color, will it be effective to fight cancer?

When tomatoes ripened to a purple-colored fruit, they now contain very high levels of anthocyanins which is very good for cancer. The researchers tested it to mice that are cancer-prone and as a result, they lived longer compared to those who were not tested.

According to USA Today, "Cathie Martin, the plant geneticist who led the work said that, the genetic engineering was minimal. Tomatoes already make their own anthocyanins. The genes from the snapdragon flowers acted as a switch to turn that production on full blast."

"The researchers fed 20 mice bred to be cancer-prone a diet that consisted of 10% powder from the genetically engineered tomatoes, with other groups getting no tomatoes and red tomatoes. The mice who got the tomato powder lived on average 30% longer than those that didn't."

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Above all, the British researchers said that the findings are on its early stages. The purple-colored tomatoes will still undergo several regulatory processes before it will be out in the market for public use.

Amazing: Purple Tomato Could Fight Cancer

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