Oct 25, 2008

FBI Raided Miley Cyrus Hacker

Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, Miley CyrusSeveral scandalous photos of Disney star, Miley Cyrus, leaked into the internet world earlier this year. After the horrible incident, here comes Josh Holly, a 19-year-old hacker, bragging about breaking into Miley's Gmail account and stealing her photos online.

Check this intriguing story below.

The Cyrus family were truly saddened by this incident.

The photos in Miley's email account were allegedly sent to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers who was rumored to be Miley's boyfriend back then.

With a search warrant, the FBI raided Holly's house and took away three computers and his phone.

Holly said that he only disclosed his hacking style to few people. "I guess somebody ended up ratting me out," he stressed. The FBI is still investigating and no charges have been filed against Holly for the time being.


FBI Raided Miley Cyrus Hacker

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