Nov 1, 2008

Must-See! Top 5 Scariest Ghost Videos

scary pumpkin for halloweenWe have heard a couple of ghost stories but we tend not to believe them because there are no evidence. Now, we bring you the Top 5 Scariest Ghost Videos that will surely change your belief about ghosts.

Brave enough? Watch the ghost videos below.

Look closely.

5. Two people are walking towards the stairs then suddenly, a figure of a woman (ghost) in white dress pass by in front of them.

Ghost Video

4. The video was taken in a cemetery in Guadalajara, Mexico. The ghost in white dress is captured at 1:00 (1 minute).

Ghost Video

3. A tourist in Vatican City filmed an unexplained entity inside the Saint Peter's Basilica. The said tourist wasn't able to see the ghost in person but was shocked upon seeing it on his video.

Ghost Video

2. The person in the video was awaken by a strange noise. When he woke up and went to the other room, there he found a little girl (ghost) crying while sitting on the floor.

Ghost Video

1. Creepy! A girl (ghost) was captured in this video several times in different places of the owner's house.

You may be scared or not. You may still be in doubt but with these evidences, are ghost real?


Must-See! Top 5 Scariest Ghost Videos

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foongpc 1:57 AM  

Yes, ghosts are real. My friend's mom can see them. Read about it at my blog here

Lover Boy and Girl 3:03 AM  

Thank you for sharing. Ghosts are really scary in nature.