Oct 29, 2008

Top 10 Most Weird Court Cases in the UK

Court of LawPeople go to court to settle things and resolve disputes in line with the rules of law. It is thought to be the place where justice reigns. But mind you, the court of law is also the place for some bizarre cases. Very weird ones actually.

Here are the Top 10 Weirdest Court Cases in the UK.

10. Toy Car Incident

Cathy McGowan won a competition in the radio station, Radio Buston. The station promised that the prize would be a Renault Clio, a car, but McGowan was only given a toy car. She filed a case and she won. The radio station was ordered to pay 8,000 Euros.

9. Setting Sex Schedule Incident

In 1980, three judges agreed that a woman was behaving rationally when she scheduled their sexual intercourse with her husband only once a week.

8. Pineappple Hitting Incident

Tracey Ormsby, a policewoman, won the case claiming that she was hit by a pineapple and that she was asking for 1.5 million Euros for damages. Later, she was given 3 million Euros which was higher than she expected.

7. Pringles are not Crisps Incident

Crisps are products that are made from potato, potato flour and potato starch. The court ruled that Pringles are not crisps and they are excluded from the 17.5% Value Added Tax.

6. Labyrinth of Tunnels Incident

A man was asked to pay 300,000 Euros for damages in building a labyrinth, an complex combination of paths, under his home.

5. Star Wars Replica Incident

The judge ruled that Andrew Ainsworth, a British prop designer, could continue selling the replica of Star Wars outfits in the UK though it's up against Star Wars creator George Lucas.

4. Al Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth"

The High Court ruled that schools should warn children watching "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's Film, that it promotes "partisan political views".

3. Virgin Ring Incident

16-year-old, Lydia Playfoot, lost the case and was not allowed to wear her virginity ring as it was against the school policies.

2. Driver's License of a Dead Man

Julie Strange brought her sons ashes to the court just to prove that he was already dead. It happened when the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) didn't believe that her son was dead and kept on sending many letters to their house.

1. Chopping Meat Very Loudly

Brian Clapton, a meat dealer, was ordered by the court to stop chopping meat from 6am to 8am after his neighbor filed a complaint against his noisy daily routine.


Top 10 Most Weird Court Cases in the UK

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