Oct 25, 2008

Weird: Fart can Control Blood Pressure

Bad smell, stinkyNo kidding! The gas produced by the human fart may be stinky but it can help control blood pressure, US researchers say. This is a good news especially to developed countries since Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is one of the leading causes of death in those places.

How did researchers discover this fact?

The "fart gas" or hydrogen sulphide is produced by an enzyme in the blood vessels that relaxes and lowers blood pressure.

Science Journal reported that these findings were based from the results of the engineered mice.

According to BBC News, "Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, in Maryland, found that the gas is produced in the cells lining blood vessels by an enzyme called CSE."

"In mice engineered to be deficient in this enzyme, levels of hydrogen sulphide were almost depleted compared with levels in normal mice."

"The CSE-deficient mice also had blood pressure measurements about 20% higher than the normal mice, comparable to serious hypertension in humans."

"When the engineered mice were given a drug which relaxes normal blood vessels - methacholine - there was no difference, indicating the gas is responsible for the relaxation."


Weird: Fart can Control Blood Pressure

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