Oct 13, 2008

Weird: Politician and Pilot See UFO

Circular Unidentified Flying Object or UFOA politician and a pilot witnessed a recent UFO sighting in the skies around north Dublin and Meath in Ireland. The Unidentified Flying Object or UFO was described as a "triangular shaped image, with lights at each point, which appeared to send a red laser-type light towards earth" according to The ThirdEye Concept.

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In July 29, the triangular shaped UFO was seen by an off-duty pilot in one of the developed images of his camera after he took pictures of lightning from Howth pier that night.

And in August 8, Jimmy Peppard, a Councilor in Fianna Fail Town spotted the same UFO sighting in the sky, where it remained static for approximately half an hour.

"There is no footage like this in the world. It is the most amazing and spectacular I have ever seen," Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of 'Conspiracy of Silence', said.
"What we have here is sightings of three objects east, west and south-east of Dublin airport, each five days apart by reliable and trained observers and even since I have arrived here I have received another image from a pilot."

"This is what the sceptics are crying out for. What all this footage has in common is that trained observers, honest people, took it. What better could you get than a senior garda, a politician and a pilot," he continued.

Weird: Politician and Pilot See UFO

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Laura 4:17 AM  

If Global warming is real, and attributed to anything but cyclical warming and cooling of the sun, it must be these aliens. We are not powerful enough to destroy what we haven't made, but aliens? Yep. they're the culprits. I just know it.

Lover Boy and Girl 8:40 PM  

Oh! We are thrilled with what you said. How did you know that? Thank you for visiting our site.