Oct 3, 2008

Weird: Santa Claus runs for U.S. President

Santa Claus runs for U.S. PresidentNo kidding! Santa Claus has already registered. Santa is more than willing to fight Illinois Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, and Arizona Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee, in the U.S. Presidential race on November.

Check the whole story below.

A man named Thomas O'Connor changed his name to, the children's favorite man every Christmas season, Santa Claus in 2005. According to the local authorities, Santa Claus has successfully registered as a presidential candidate in the U.S. State of West Virginia.

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Santa Claus runs for U.S. PresidentDue to the simple registration process in West Virginia, there were 14 people, together with a Texas prison inmate, managed to register as write-in presidential candidates.

Rian.ru stated that "the write-in candidates' names will not appear on West Virginia ballots at the November election, but voters can write the name of any officially registered candidate on the ballot paper."
It's all up to the voters now.

Weird: Santa Claus runs for U.S. President

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