Oct 17, 2008

Worst Hollywood Celebrities' Plastic Surgery Results

Celebrities should always look good. Their physical beauty is definitely one of their best assets. But although they are earning millions of dollars to be with the best surgeons, some of them still experience horrific results from plastic surgery operations. Why is that so?

Check Some of the Worst Celebrities' Plastic Surgery Results.

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Jessica Simpson, 28, actress and pop singer

Donatella Versace, 53, Vice-President of the Versace Group and Chief Designer of the fashion line
-Lips and Face lift

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Hillary Duff, 21, actress and pop singer
-Veneers (on teeth)

Melanie Griffith, 51, award-winning film actress and wife of famous actor Antonio Banderas
-Face lift

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Michael Jackson, King of Pop
-Skin lightening, nose jobs, face lifts, and many more

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 68, a socialite; also known as Lion Queen or Cat Woman
-Several Plastic Surgeries

Here's the complete list

Worst Hollywood Celebrities' Plastic Surgery Results

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Sue 10:08 AM  

those are scary gross. Especially the last one. Is that for real? And Hillary Duff has never looked the same. I always thought her teeth and mouth looked weird in recent years. But she has always denied having anything done. She looked better before.

Lover Boy and Girl 2:43 PM  

Hello Sue, I agree with you. Hillary Duff and all the other celebrities featured in this post looked better and fabulous before. They should really think it twice before undergoing any surgery operation.

Thank you for visiting.

AngelBaby 12:09 AM  

I was thinking about getting my eyes done, after these pictures I don't think I will even attempt it. So gross, yuk! They looked better before so why bother.

Love and Blessings,

Lover Boy and Girl 12:22 AM  

Hi angelbaby, if you have plans of undergoing any surgery, you really have to make it sure that you are with the right doctors and medication. Above all,it's still best not to undergo any surgery at all. Thank you for answering.

Scarlet 12:08 AM  

This website has an amazing array of celebrity look a likes. Some of them aren’t 100% accurate, but some of them are pretty dead on.

Not to mention, damned funny at times. Check out Hilary Duff and Donkey from The Shrek

Lover Boy and Girl 12:47 AM  

Hi Scarlet, it was a funny site. Thank you for your comment.