Nov 2, 2008

Amazing Video: Effects of Alcohol, Caffeine and other Drugs on Spiders

surprise smileyAmazing results! Spiders were tested by scientists. They were given certain drugs such as alcohol, caffeine, LSD and THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. Some went crazy and other went ecstatic. Does it reflect the same effects of drugs to people?

Watch the Effects of Alcohol, Caffeine and other Drugs on Spiders below.

Excerpt from the Video:

The wood spider is the most accomplished of all web-building species. Recently, scientists gave these tiny creatures a variety of psycho-active drugs to observe their effects on web-building.

When given a minute dose of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide, a semisynthetic psychedelic drug), the spider's web took on an unfamiliar, minimalist structure.

When given caffeine, the web structure was not affected, but the spider's behavior was. (the spider went wild and ecstatic)

Given THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, the spider didn't build a web, it built a hammock (a hanging bed or couch) where it lay all day and watched the caffeine spider go.

When given alcohol, the spider built a web, found a mate and raised over a hundred young, but the mate got a restraining order and now the spider can't go within a hundred centimeters of the

The cracked cocaine spider figured building webs was for sockets, waited 'til the caffeine spider was exhausted, then came up behind it and pop the cap in its *ss.

Nice web, Mr Cracked spider! When winter came, the marijuana spider had no place to live, it ended up in the cracked web as the cracked spider's b*tch.

Video from Youtube: Uploaded by xSukux
Source: Canadian Wildlife Service in Ottawa

Amazing Video: Effects of Alcohol, Caffeine and other Drugs on Spiders

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