Nov 3, 2008

Bulletproof Hanky is Now Available--World's First

handkerchief or hankyIt's life-saving! An Icelandic designer, Sluli Recht, made the world's first bulletproof handkerchief. Everyone can buy it now especially those who are well-dressed people with dangerous lifestyle. The hanky should be placed on the breast pocket to "protect the heart of men". It's actually five times stronger than steel.

How much is the Bulletproof hanky? See the picture below.

The hanky is made of Kevlar, the material used to make protective vests and Formula 1 cars. It can withstand a bullet, including the temperature up to more or less 400 degrees celsius.

Right now, there are only 10 available Bulletproof Hanky. They are all yellow-colored handkerchiefs.

The life-saving accessories are priced at 120 euros.

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World's First Bulletproof handkerchief or hanky
Do you want to own one? Grab the World's First Bulletproof Hanky now.


Bulletproof Hanky is Now Available--World's First

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