Nov 4, 2008

Eating Fish may Help Fight Diabetes

man catches a big fishEating fish at least twice a week may reduce the risk of diabetic patients from kidney diseases. According to the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, a study was conducted to more than 22,300 middle-aged and older English men and women by British researchers, examining the real effect of fish diet to kidney problems.

USA Today reported, "The researchers reported that of the 517 study subjects who had diabetes (most of whom had type 2), those who on average ate less than one serving of fish each week were four times more likely to have albumin (an indicator of kidney damage) in their urine than people with diabetes who ate fish twice a week."

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Amanda Adler, co-author of the study and an epidemiologist with the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge said, "Protein in the urine is one of the earliest signs of kidney disease, a serious complication of diabetes,"

"We didn't ask about the type of fish people ate, but in this bit of England people eat cod, plaice, haddock, canned tuna. Even fish and chips would have been included," she continued.

Eating Fish may Help Fight Diabetes

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