Nov 29, 2008

Photo: Baby Boy Stabbed in the Eye with Car Key

car key stabbed in the boy's brain and eyesNicholas Holderman, a one-year-old boy from Kentucky, accidentally fell on his parents' car key when he was playing. The car key was stabbed in the boy's eyes and penetrated in his brain. That's how deep it was. What happened to the one-year-old boy?

Below--Full Story and X-ray Showing the Car Key

Nicholas' mother said, "I'll never forget that moment. Nothing can prepare you for something like that."

The boy's father added, "It was a very horrifying sight to see this happen to your baby."

Although the boy's parents were very scared, the surgeons continued to remove the key from Nicholas' eyes.

He is Alive!

After 15 minutes, the doctors were delighted that the boy is alive and that nothing was affected including his eyesight.

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x-ray of the boy shows the key stabbed in the eyes and brain^The X-ray shows the keys penetrating into the boy's eyes and brain


Photo: Baby Boy Stabbed in the Eye with Car Key