Nov 22, 2008

Photo: World's Smallest Snake

king cobra snakeA "Barbados thread snake" is dubbed as the world's smallest with a length of about ten centimeters long (less than four inches) only. Researchers say that the snake was almost mistaken as an earthworm due to its size but after checking the snake's physical features and undergoing a genetic test, it was discovered that the "Barbados thread snake" was actually part of a new specie of snakes.

Photo of World's Smallest Snake below.

Biologist Blair Hedges of Penn State University led the research team in discovering the world's smallest snake on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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world's smallest Barbados thread snake
The "Barbados thread snake" belongs to a new specie of snakes called thread snakes--also known as worm snakes and slender blind snakes.


Photo: World's Smallest Snake