Nov 2, 2008

Scientists Recorded Music from Stars For the First Time

A team of scientists were very excited as they recorded the sound of three stars which is similar to our sun. The sounds will be used to analyze the processes going on inside the stars. What an amazing discovery!

Listen to the Sound of the Stars below.

The scientists captured the sound using the France's Corot space telescope. When listening to the sound, you will hear a repeating pattern which indicates that the stars are pulsating.

The three stars sounded differently because their sound depends on many factors, including the star's age, size and chemical composition.

Professor Eric Michel of the Paris Observatory said, "This is a completely new way to look at the stars compared with what has been available for the past 50 years. It is very exciting."

Professor Ian Roxburgh of Queen Mary College, London said. "It's not easy. It's like listening to the sound of a musical instrument and then trying to reconstruct the shape of the instrument".

The scientists are now working their way out how to know the activities and al the things going on in the star's interior.

Listen to the sounds of stars here.

Scientists Recorded Music from Stars For the First Time

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