Nov 19, 2008

Simon Cowell on ex-girlfriend: "Terri dumped me!"

Terri Seymour and Simon CowellSimon Cowell, the famous sour-tongued American Idol judge, recently split with his long time girlfriend and model, Terri Seymour. They ended their six-year relationship last summer but they only confirmed it earlier this month. In their joint interview on the TV show, Extra, they revealed some juice facts.

The interview of Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour below.

On rumors that Cowell reportedly gave Seymour approximately 5 million pounds--2.3 million in cash and a 2.3 million mansion in Beverly Hills-- as "parting gift" because she dumped him.

Seymour: "Everybody thinks you did!"

Cowell: "No, that is actually not a true story."

The ex-couple said that they are friends now and that they still talk everyday on the phone.

Seymour even asked Cowell the best advice in meeting a new man. Cowell jokingly replied, "Find someone who is hard of hearing."

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Terri Seymour and Simon Cowell at the beach^Terri Seymour and Simon Cowell relaxing at the beach (Source)

When they are asked who is the most romantic, Cowell immediately said that it's "Terri!". Seymour added, "I'm not arguing with him over that one. He came home from the dentist once and he'd bought me a toothbrush! I thought that was very romantic and very sweet!"

On who owns more clothes and shoes:

Seymour: "You have a thousand of the same thing! You definitely have more shoes than me. Actually maybe I beat you in the shoe stakes!"

Cowell: "I have just three things - jeans sweaters and T-shirts."

On who spends more money:

Seymour pointed her finger to Cowell.

Cowell: "That's not true. You spent more of my money than I have I suppose."

On their most annoying habit:

Seymour: "Simon's most annoying habit is probably smoking."

Cowell: "Her lateness was an issue. Terri actually held a record from starting to get ready to arriving at a venue which was 20 minutes away - seven hours. That's the absolute truth."


Simon Cowell on ex-girlfriend: "Terri dumped me!"