Nov 25, 2008

Video: 7-year-old Boy Plays with Giant Python

7-year-old Boy Plays with Giant Python SnakeKoun Samang, a 7-year-old boy from Cambodia, has a very unique best friend--a giant python. The snake and the boy have been together since they were born. They are of the same age, and they share the same food. The snake is approximately 20 feet.

Below--Video of the Boy with Best friend, Giant Python

Some excerpt from the Video:

A 7-year-old boy in the Kandal province of Cambodia has a rather unusual best friend.

Koun Samang and this huge python are inseparable.

Koun Samoul, the boy's father said, "My boy and the snake have been living very happily since he was born 7 years ago. They're the same age."

Some reports said the snake had an incredible 19 feet today.

Samang spends his day hugging the snake and teaching it tricks and of course, feeding him.

The snake only eats chicken and duck. It eats 22 pounds of duck and chicken in one week.

Unlike most snakes in the area, the snake doesn't eat rats or frogs as its diet is similar to that of Samang.

Video from Youtube/ National Geographic: Uploaded by Netkhmer

Video: 7-year-old Boy Plays with Giant Python


iceah 6:23 AM  

oh oh oh this is not good, one day the snake will eat the boy

L. Venkata Subramaniam 1:41 PM  

hey this looks dangerous. I think it would be prudent to keep the two away to avoid accidents. I dont think we know enough about pythons to predict how they may behave under all circumstances.

Lover Boy and Girl 4:49 PM  

Hi iceah and L. Venkata Subramaniam,

Animals are always animals. We don't know what they're thinking.

Let's just wish for the best for the two of them.

Thank you for such nice comments!

Mee2 4:09 PM  

Yep. Can't wait to read the story when the snake eats or smothers the boy. Really, I don't want that to happen, but lets face it, pythons are constrictors and that snake certainly looks big enough to eat a small boy.

Lover Boy and Girl 4:19 PM  

Hello Mee2,

Welcome to our site and enjoy your stay!

Thank you for such an insightful yet creepy comment.

Take care!

Rita T. 4:39 AM  


Lover Boy and Girl 4:19 PM  

Welcome Rita T.,

Thank you for visiting!

Shane Quinlan 10:06 AM  

Of course the snake could swallow the boy. You people just don't understand nature. I couldn't tell you what kind of bond the two have, but this family, (especially the boy) have a bond other than food.