Nov 21, 2008

Video: Scientists Found a Cure for Werewolf Boy

Werewolf Syndrome Boy Pruthviraj PatilMonths ago, we featured an 11-year-old boy, Pruthviraj Patil, who is suffering from hypertrichosis or Werewolf Syndrome where thick and dense hair grows over his face and body, except only for the soles of his feet and his palms. Good news--scientists at Columbia University are very confident that they found the cure for the Werewolf Syndrome.

What's the cure? The story below.

Hypertrichosis or Werewolf Syndrome is a very weird disorder and only fewer than 50 people are suffering from this disorder worldwide.

It was reported before that the doctors are unsure what's the cause of this disorder and what are its possible solution.

Fox News reported that, "An episode of the TLC series "My Shocking Story" chronicled the efforts of a group of Columbia scientists, including dermatologist Angela Christiano, to develop a cure for Pruthviraj's disorder."

"Christiano and her colleagues at Columbia are using injections of testosterone to stem the growth of hair."

"Ironically, the breakthrough stems from Christiano's research into baldness. A dermatologist and geneticist, she's a pioneer in the field who actually discovered a gene associated with hair loss."

"Pruthviraj has just started the promising treatment, and it's too early to tell its long-term effects, but the doctors are hopeful it will do the trick."

The Videos from "My Shocking Story" episode that shows the efforts of the team of scientists in developing a cure for Hypertrichosis or Werewolf Syndrome.

Part 1: "My Shocking Story" episode (Developing a Cure for Werewolf Syndrome)

Part 2

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Video: Scientists Found a Cure for Werewolf Boy