Nov 12, 2008

Weird Video: Scary 5-year-old Girl Robot

Designed based on an actual 5-year-old girl, the robot is named Repliee R-1. The girl robot truly looks like a human with pig tails, blinking eyes, and realistic silicone skin. The Osaka University, the creator of the robot, said that Repliee R-1 is by far the most authentic and human-like robot ever made.

Watch the video of the Scary 5-year-old Girl Robot below.

The 5-year-old girl robot can do different functions, including fetching things and helping the old and disabled people.

Excerpt from the Video:

"This is Repliee R-1, a robot built by Osaka University's Robotic Department.

Based on an actual 5-year-old girl, she is built with flexible silicone skin...50 senors, and a number of motors to allow her to move more like a human than previous robots."

Video from Youtube: Uploaded by tigerland2222

Weird Video: Scary 5-year-old Girl Robot

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