Nov 16, 2008

Woman Punches Big Snake to Save Kitten

cat-kittenA real brave woman! From Brisbane, Australia, Ruth Butterworth, 58, saved her pet kitten from the attack of a big python. She continuously threw punches to the snake until it let go.

The whole story below.

The same snake also killed her other cats days ago.

She said, "I just started punching the thick part where it was about the size of my arm. I just kept punching until it let go."

In the process of saving her kitten named Tuffy, her wrist was broken and was even bitten twice by the hungry snake.

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cat and snake^Cat observes a snake

According to, "She said it was almost dark when she saw the silhouette of the python and realized Tuffy's fate if she did not act quickly."

Woman Punches Big Snake to Save Kitten