Nov 12, 2008

Women's Hands Get More Bacteria than Men

hand washing"Women have a greater range of different types of bacteria on the palms of their hands than men," BBC News reported in relation to the research conducted by the University of Colorado.

Why do women's hands get more bacteria?

Based on the research, an estimate of 4,700 kinds of bacteria species were present on the hands of 102 people being studied. Among them, women acquired an average of 50 percent species more on their hands compared to men.

The Chosun Ilbo reported, "Prof. Noah Fierer of the University of Colorado said it is more difficult for bacteria to live on men's hands, as they tend to have more acidic skin than women. Other factors, such as differences in sweat, oil glands or hormone production, and the fact that women tend to use more cosmetics, like moisturizers, to increase moisture level, might have contributed to the result."

washing hands
"The study also revealed that washing hands with water does not help reduce bacteria, showing that there are certain types of bacteria whose number increases after washing. The research team advised that using anti-bacterial soap when washing hands is an effective way to reduce the risk of disease."

Women's Hands Get More Bacteria than Men

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Dave 10:45 AM  

Because they do dirty things with their hands? No, really. I think it's because of the hand lotions and creams they use that could potentially hold bacteria in hiding from the soap and water. Most of these lotions contain mineral oil that repels water.

Lover Boy and Girl 2:13 PM  

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