Nov 7, 2008

World's Weirdest Romantic Affairs and Relationships

Incest Patrick Stuebing and Susan KarolewskiWe bring you the most talked and bizarre love affairs in the history of mankind. An emperor and her sister, the conjoined twins and their wives, the famous incest couple in Germany are among the list of the World's Weirdest Romantic Affairs.

Warning: Some photos below are of an adult nature.

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Emperor Caligula and Sister Drusilla

Incest Emperor CaligulaCaligula's favorite sister was Drusilla. When Caligula became an Emperor, it was said that he ordered Drusilla to divorce her husband. Then, they became lovers. And when Drusilla died in 38 AD, Emperor Caligula was very devastated and never recovered.

Al and Jeanie Tomaini

Al and Jeanie TomainiA very tall man, Al Tomaini, said his height was 8'4" (Guiness Book of Records claimed he was only 7'4"). His shoe size was 27 and worked as a circus giant. In 1936, he met Jeanie at a circus in Great Lakes Exposition, Chicago. Jeanie, who became his wife, had no legs and stood only 2'6" tall.

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Bunker Twins and Yates Sisters

Bunker Twins and Yates SistersBorn in Siam, conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker were not separated back then. They married two sisters as well--Chang to Adelaide Yates wherein they had 10 children; and Eng to Sarah Anne Yates and they had 12 kids together. When they all live in one house, their wives had a big argument so they decided to live separately. The twins would spend three days at each house alternately.

Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

Incest Patrick Stuebing and Susan KarolewskiPatrick Stuebing, an adopted child, lives in Leipzig, Germany. He never met his biological family until he was 23 years old. Since 2001, Patrick has a romantic relationship with his biological sister, Susan Karolewski; and they have 4 children together though only one lives with them now. Since incest is a crime in Germany, Patrick has served a two-year sentence with such offense.

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Jean dos Santos and Blanche Dumas

Jean Baptista dos Santos^Jean Baptista dos Santos

Blanche Dumas^Blanche Dumas

Jean Baptista dos Santos, born in Faro, Portugal in 1843, had two functioning penises, three scrotums, and a third leg in the middle of his two legs. Dos Santos travelled to Paris, and met Blanche Dumas, a prostitute, who had four breasts, two vaginas, and a third leg similar to Dos Santos. It was believed that the two had a romantic affair together.

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World's Weirdest Romantic Affairs and Relationships

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