Nov 26, 2008

Worm Found In Woman's Brain, Doctors Said

Worm Found In Woman's BrainRosemary Alvarez' brain has a worm. Doctors were looking for a tumor inside Alvarez' brain but instead they found a worm. It was reported that the patient from Arizona visited the doctors after feeling numbness in her arm and having blurred vision.

Below--Photo of the worm found inside woman's brain.

Dr Peter Nakaji said, "Once we saw the MRI we realised this is something not good. It's something down in her brain stem which is as deep in the brain as you can be."

On a video of the woman's operation, Dr. Nakaji was seen laughing upon seeing the worm.

He commented, "I'm sure this is a very strange response for the people in the operating room.

"But it was because I was so pleased to know that it wasn't going to be something terrible."

Until now, no one knows where Rosemary Alvarez got the worm.

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worm found by doctors in woman's brain^The worm found by doctors in woman's brain (Photo: Source)

According to Sky News, "Experts said worms can come from eating undercooked pork or spread by people who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, according to reports."

After learning a big lesson, Ms. Alvarez said, "Wash your hands, wash your hands."

Worm Found In Woman's Brain, Doctors Said