Dec 6, 2008

Brad Pitt: Angelina Throws Knives at Me When She's Angry

Brad Pitt says Angelina Jolie Throws Knife when angryBrad Pitt reportedly bought anger management classes for Angelina Jolie to stop her from throwing knives at him when she gets angry and pissed. "Angelina learned how to throw knives for the 'Tomb Raider' movies," a source revealed.

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Brad Pitt bought a gift for Angelina recently. They are the "Streaming Furies classes", a new relaxation method based on breathing, meditation and Tai Chi.

Pitt "is said to be terrified that her (Jolie) knife-throwing will get out of control, and is hoping his gift will help calm her down."

A source added, "Angelina has quite a temper on her and she has been known to throw a few knives around when she is angry. Angelina learned how to throw knives for the 'Tomb Raider' movies. She is a practiced knife-thrower so it’s a hobby and cathartic."

"Brad is terrified Angelina will one day hit him with a knife, and cause him a serious injury or worse. Brad jokes about needing a stab-proof vest when Angelina is around!"

Currently, Brangelina have 6 children together.


Brad Pitt: Angelina Throws Knives at Me When She's Angry


Lotus Flower 6:57 PM  

I'd like very much to learn how to throw knives. True! By nature, I am not a violent person because my father when he was alive and was very young used to threw fits of ugly anger at my Mom and I hated him for that.

But everything has been forgiven far before he died.

But today, personal issues and all, I'd like to try and be violent for a change :-)


Lover Boy and Girl 9:13 PM  

Hi Lotus Flower,

That would be interesting but scary to some people around you.

Anyway, thank you for visiting!


author 101 12:20 PM  

Now Brad has a home by me in Oregon and I've never seen any knife throwing (yet!)

Lover Boy and Girl 2:41 PM  

Yihaa author 101,

Thank you for paying a visit!

Have a great day!