Dec 17, 2008

Jesus was Born On June 17 According to Astronomers

Astronomers say Jesus Christ was Born On June 17 not on ChristmasAustralian astronomers said that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25 but on June 17, after studying the night sky 2,000 years ago. They also claimed that the star of Bethlehem was just a "conjunction of two planets".

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"Sky and Space magazine editor Dave Reneke arrived at the theories after leading a team of astronomers in recreating the exact positions of celestial bodies over the Holy Land in 2 B.C. using a complex computer software and with St. Matthew's Gospel as a reference point. The gospel placed the nativity to somewhere between 3 B.C. and 1 A.D."

Reneke added, "Venus and Jupiter became very close in the year 2 B.C. and they would have appeared to be one bright beacon of light."

With these findings, the astronomers stated that the three wise men or the three kings may have only mistaken the bright star of Bethlehem as one star, that led them to the place where Jesus Christ was born.

"Based on the astronomers' chart, Reneke calculated the date of the planetary conjunction to be June 17, 2 B.C. and not December 25, the traditional Christmas Day celebrated by Christians."

Jesus was Born On June 17 According to Astronomers


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