Dec 5, 2008

Left-Handed Men Earn More than Right-Handed Ones--Study

Left-Handed Men Earn More than Right-HandedA study by the academics at University College Dublin suggests that although left-handed men underperform in school, they earn 5 percent more compared to right-handers in their later lives. Agree or disagree?

Below--How the Research was Done

Only around 10 percent of the people are left-handed; and it is more common to men than women.

**These are the two studies saying that left-handed men don't do well in school yet enjoy more financial success in later life than right-handed ones:

Study by Bristol University and Imperial College London

The Bristol University and Imperial College London researchers studied 12,000 children from birth to 14 years of age. The result revealed that left-handed people were behind the right-handers in school, and that left-handers lagged behind the school tests from 11-14.

Professor Carol Propper, one of the researchers of the Bristol study, explained that their research tells that the idea that left-handed people were more likely smarter was wrong.

The Bristol study said, "Our findings might provide a possible answer to the paradox that at early ages left-handed boys suffer, while in terms of earnings as adults, they do better than their right-handed counterparts."

"It may be the case that non right-handed children experience problems early in life, because they have not fully adapted to being in a right-handed world but that once they adapt--at least if they are male--they do better."

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Study by the Academics at University College Dublin

On the other hand, the academics at University College Dublin studied 18,000 men and women in their thirties. The result suggested that left-handed ones earn 1,112 pounds more in a year, which is 5 percent higher, than the right-handed people.

Dr Kevin Denny, a researher in the Dublin study, "theorized that a section of the brain which divides the left hemisphere from the right appears to be larger in left-handed men and could point to improved communication."

He said, "We cannot be exactly sure why these differences occur but one explanation is that the corpus callosum--the information superhighway which helps the two hemispheres of the brain communicate--is significantly larger in left-handed men, compared to their right-handed colleagues and women."

"However, it is a long way to go from the structure of the brain to the labour market"

"Other explanations for why male left-handers seem to earn more could be the fact they appear to be more creative than right-handed counterparts, something which is not distinguished in women."


Left-Handed Men Earn More than Right-Handed Ones--Study


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nice post you got here! personally, Im left-handed, although I can't say I lagged when I was 11 or 14 yrs old (I graduated with honors back in elem, LOL), I do believe that right-hand persons are more..uhmm.."fast learners" than left handed ones.I agree that left-handed persons are more creative than right-handed ones (I know some creative people who are left-handed ^_^) Nice post!

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