Dec 31, 2008

Photo: Facebook Bans Breastfeeding Photos of Members

Facebook, the social networking site, asked some women users to delete their breastfeeding photos from the site as they are against their Terms of Use. Facebook stated that the said photos which shows the "areola" or the dark skin at the center of the nipple violates the site's policy as an "obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit."

Warning: Photo Contains Extremely Graphic Images

Below--Sample Banned Breastfeeding Photo; Full Story

"However, according to the US Right to Breastfeed Act, HR 1848 that became a law in 1999, women are allowed to breastfeed on federal property. More than half of the US States have laws granting permission to women to breastfeed in public areas."

"In an attempt to serve an open petition to Facebook, the nursing advocates group site, by Saturday evening, had posted two dozen videos, almost 3,000 photos of breast-feeding, about 10,000 wall comments, starting off more than 1,500 discussion threads."

"Not only are online protests on the increase – the protesting group nearly being 70,000 members strong – an actual pavement-pounding protest also took place in the front of Facebook's downtown Palo Alto headquarters." (

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^Banned breastfeeding photo (Source)

^Showing the breast of the mother (Source)

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Photo: Facebook Bans Breastfeeding Photos of Members


sdrake 5:28 AM  

They will allow women to literally be half naked in movies, in Myspace, showing just about everything but the nipple or vagina but they won't allow a photo of a mother FEEDING her child!!! That is beyond stupid!!!!! Breastfeeding is what is SUPPOSE to happen when you have a baby, just because we're fortunate enough to have made formula DOESNT mean that breastfeeding is nasty, or "pornagraphic"!!!!

tolitz 10:37 PM  

Grabe naman yan. pati photos na breastfeeding ibbanned. Porket ba labas ang suso? haha. Elow reading your blog posts. You got nice contents.

Lover Boy and Girl 8:28 AM  

Hello tolitz,

Enjoy our site! Happy new year!

Lover Boy and Girl 8:31 AM  

Hello sdrake,

You have a very substantial point over there.

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