Dec 23, 2008

Photo: Foot and Other Body Parts Found in NewBorn Baby's Brain

"To find a perfectly formed structure (of a foot inside the brain) is extremely unique, unusual, borderline unheard of," said Dr. Paul Grabb, the veteran pediatric neurosurgeon who performed the operation on baby Sam Esquibel at Colorado Springs' Memorial Hospital for Children.

Warning: Photo Contains Extremely Graphic Images

Below--Photo of the Foot In the NewBorn Baby's Brain

"The growth might have been a teratoma, a congenital brain tumor composed of foreign tissue such as muscle, hair or teeth. But such tumors typically are not as complex as a foot or hand," The Gazette reported. "It might have been a case of fetus in fetu, a developmental abnormality in which a fetal twin begins to form within another, but those have most often occurred in the torso and not the brain."

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^The perfect-shaped foot was found inside the brain of newborn baby, Sam Esquibel.

Denver Post stated, "At 41 weeks into (Tiffnie) Esquibel's pregnancy, an ultrasound showed fluid in Sam's (baby) brain, and an emergency cesarean section was scheduled. The infant appeared healthy, but was given an MRI exam to be sure."

"The MRI ultimately revealed a tumor, and at 3 days old, Sam underwent a two-hour surgery to remove it."

"Two and half months later, Sam has mostly recovered. Now that the sutures have healed, the infant is scheduled for 25 sessions of physical therapy to improve use of the right side of his head and neck."

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Photo: Foot and Other Body Parts Found in NewBorn Baby's Brain


tashabud 1:39 AM  

That's an incredible medical wonder. How did that happen?

Was the baby concieved naturally, or was the baby an invitro fertilized?


Lover Boy and Girl 3:35 AM  

Hello tashabud,

The baby was conceived naturally.

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