Dec 24, 2008

Photo: Purple Squirrel Found, Confused Experts About its Color

Purple SquirrelTeachers and students were amazed seeing a uniquely colored purple squirrel at Meoncross School in Stubbington, Hants, UK. On the other hand, experts were really confused as to how the squirrel got its purple color.

Below--Photo of the Purple Squirrel

English Teacher, Dr Mike Edwards, said, "I was sitting in my classroom and looked out the window and saw it sitting on the fence. I had to do a double take."

"Since then it's been a bit of a regular at the school - everyone's seen it."

"We thought it might have been paint or something but then when you look at it up close, it's an all over coat, not in patches like you'd expect if it had been near some paint."

"Its fur actually looks purple all the way through. It's an absolute mystery."

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Purple Squirrel^Purple Squirrel at Meoncross School in Stubbington

Chris Packham, TV wildlife expert, stated that Pete, the squirrel's nickname, will lose its purple color in spring.

"Squirrels will chew anything even if it's obviously inedible. It is possible he has been chewing on a purple ink cartridge and then groomed that colouring into his fur."

"Alternatively he may have fallen into a bucket containing a weak colour solution that has stained his fur."

"Underneath there's a normal grey squirrel who has just given himself an unusual hair colour - you would pay a fortune for that in some salons."


Photo: Purple Squirrel Found, Confused Experts About its Color