Dec 17, 2008

Teacher Punished for Saying There's "No Santa Claus"

Santa Claus on ChristmasA substitute teacher, teaching 7-year-old students, at Blackshaw Lane Primary School in Royton, England, was punished after telling her class that "Santa Claus is a myth".

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The parents of the 7-year-old kids complained to school officials saying that their children came home in tears after a teacher told the students, "It's your parents who leave out presents on Christmas Day".

One parent narrated, "Apparently, they were all talking about Christmas and being a bit rowdy, she (teacher) just came straight out with it."

"My lad was in tears and so was everyone else in the class--especially as it was so close to Christmas," the parent continued. "I thought it was wrong. He was distraught about it. He's only 7 years old and it's part of the magic of Christmas to him."

The school officials sent letters to parents indicating that the teacher has been punished.

^Santa Claus as a Christmas tree design

Teacher Punished for Saying There's "No Santa Claus"