Dec 26, 2008

Video: Cobra (snake) versus Monitor Lizard--Who will win?

Cobra Snake versus Monitor Lizard--fighting animalsCobra Snake versus Monitor Lizard--fighting animalsThe cobra and the monitor lizard are two known predators in the wild. In the video, they fight each other to win the most-coveted prize, to eat a bunch of yummy crocodile eggs. Who's the winner?

Below--Video of Cobra (Snake) versus Monitor Lizard

"A venomous cobra leaving its lair drawn to the sands of the hatching crocodile eggs. When it comes to the nest, the cobra discovers another predator is already on the scene, a monitor lizard.

Before a great battle between the two, the lizard and the cobra tried to intimidate each other by increasing their sizes. If big is bad, each of the animal wants to say, "I'm the biggest and most bad".

The cobra is poised to strike. And with that, the monitor lizard retreats but not before taking a parting shot..."

Who wins in the end? Who has the last laugh?

Youtube video by NationalGeographic
Video: Cobra (snake) versus Monitor Lizard--Who will win?