Dec 6, 2008

Video: Killer Whale versus Sea Lion--Who will win?

Animal Fight Killer Whale versus Sea LionAnimal Fight Killer Whale versus Sea LionKiller whale or orca is the largest in the dolphin family. With their size, they are versatile predators, eating mostly fish, sea lions and even huge whales like them. In the video, a group of female killer whales are hunting a sea lion. Will they succeed? Or will the sea lion end victorious?

Below--Video of Killer Whale versus Sea Lion

A terrified sea lion is seeking shelter from the attack of the killer whales.

The sea lion is so frightened. It even tries to hurl itself into the boat.

The whale pod is comprised entirely of females and their young; only the mothers are
involved in the hunt.

The 12,000-pound killer whales thrash the 600-pound sea lion with their tails. Trying to beat it so badly, it will give up.

The pod of killers, working together in a tight teeth, force the sea lion under the surface. They hold it there until it drowns. And they end the hunt with a victory.

Video from Youtube: Uploaded by NationalGeographic

Video: Killer Whale versus Sea Lion--Who will win?