Dec 9, 2008

Video: PhD Student Turns Thesis Into Dance; Wins Award

PhD Student Turns Thesis Into DanceSue Lynn Lau, from University of Sydney, won an award after interpreting her thesis about the role of "Vitamin D in Beta Cell Function" into dance routines.

Below--Video of Lau's Dance Thesis

The Australian PhD student said that the 5-minute dance she made was the simplest and entertaining way to explain her thesis, "Vitamin D in Beta Cell Function".

She added that she needed to choreograph more dance scenes to elaborate more on the idea of diabetes in her research.

Lau said, "Every PhD begins in the dark, but it takes only a few bright sparks to kindle the flame of discovery."

"We are investigating whether vitamin D has an effect in improving beta-cell function and increasing insulin secretion... are they 'walking on sunshine'??"

Video from Youtube: Uploaded by lilyforest110

Video: PhD Student Turns Thesis Into Dance; Wins Award


sanchit 7:05 PM  

can any1 explain me what the heck was that?? what did the video signify to get phd!!!!!!!

Lover Boy and Girl 9:41 PM  

Hi sanchit,

There must be something special with that dance that we have to know.

Anyway, have a great day!