Dec 3, 2008

Video: Snake versus Tarantula Spider--Who will win?

Snake versus Tarantula Spider fighting animalsSnake versus Tarantula Spider fighting animalsThe snake and tarantula spider wage war against each other. The two venomous animals struggle to prove which one's better. Between the two deadly species, who will win the fight?

Below--Video of Snake versus Tarantula Spider

It's (snake) picking up the infra red signals and the body heat of nearby animals.

A life and death struggle ensues.

The snake succumbs to the tarantula's bites. It takes several minutes for the paralyzing substances to show their full impact. But the fight has already been decided.

The tarantula works its jaws up and down to help broke up and tenderize down the meat (of the snake).

Video from Youtube: Uploaded by rhombodera

Video: Snake versus Tarantula Spider--Who will win?