Dec 13, 2008

Wearing High Heels Improve Woman's Sex Life--Study

Wearing High Heels in Shoes Improve Woman's Sex LifeItalian urologist Dr. Maria Cerruto, together with her team of researchers, published an article in the "European Urology", stating that wearing high heels can "improve women's pelvic floor muscles, and thus their sex lives."

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66 women under 50 years old were the subjects of the study. The women were asked to wear shoes with 5-cm heels, placing their feet at a 15 degree angle from the ground. After the experiment, the electrical activity in the women's pelvic floor muscles sought a 15 percent increase on the average. The research team also found out that women who wore high heels had good posture compared to those with flat shoes.

"The Kyunghee University (in South Korea) East-West Neo Medical Center Obstetrics & Gynecology Professor Ki Kyung-do says, "Wearing reasonably high heels can tighten the thigh muscles and affect the pelvic muscles connected to the leg muscles. Since pelvic muscles are not used often, wearing high heels can provide them with a form of exercise.

Although more negative studies show that wearing high heels can shift one's body weight forward and put pressure on the knees and spine, there is no real danger for young women in wearing 2 to 3 cm heels."--Chosun Ilbo reported.

Wearing High Heels Improve Women's Sex Lives--Study