Dec 3, 2008

Woman Burns Houseboy's Private Organ For Stealing 700,000

Bundle of Money or DollarsMrs. Bola Williams, residing in Lagos, Nigeria, was arrested by the police after she tortured and burned the private organ of John, her 18-year-old houseboy, only to recover the N700,000 (1 U.S. Dollar=127.25 Nigerian Naira) allegedly stolen by the young man.

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"P.M.News gathered that the victim was tortured for about one week before he escaped, naked. His hands were reportedly tied behind him while fire was place under his scrotum. His buttocks and scrotum bore marks of having been scorched by something hot, probably flames from a fire."--Online Nigeria

An eyewitness revealed that "It was later discovered that she had tied the boy and was using fire to burn his private part. When the boy ran out and everyone intervened, she claimed that he stole her money."

An occupant of the building added, "Immediately, we called the Police at Zone D, and the woman was arrested. The boy was taken to the hospital."

Woman Burns Houseboy's Private Organ For Stealing 700,000