Jan 9, 2009

Photo: Couple Get Married 60 (Sixty) Times

Margaret and John Beauvoisin married sixty 60 timesThe romantic couple, Margaret and John Beauvoisin, are truly in love with each other as they have walked the aisle 60 times all in all. They were first married on December 27, 1948 and have renewed their vows every year since 1950. They were not able to get married in 1949 because John was "stationed thousands of miles away in Bermuda with the Royal Navy."

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"60 years after they first wed, the couple, now in their 80s, said there was still magic in the air as they tied the knot for their diamond wedding anniversary.

Each said they got a lump in their throat as they exchanged rings at the Sacred Heart Church in Waterlooville, near Portsmouth, Hants on December 27.

No fewer than ten of the couple's 11 children--together with most of their 23 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren--were there to see it."

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Margaret and John Beauvoisin married sixty 60 times^Margaret and John Beauvoisin married 60 times

Their Love Story

Margaret and John met at a dance.

"It was by accident really," Margaret said. "He was sitting in my chair and I went to sit next to him."

"Then he got up and I thought he was asking me to dance."

"He hadn't really intended to ask me it turns out, but we spent the rest of the night dancing and he saw me home."

Margaret continued "I asked what his name was, and he said Oswald. I said "Do people really call you that?"

"He said his middle name was John, so I said 'I'm going to call you that instead'."

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Margaret and John Beauvoisin married sixty 60 times^Margaret and John on their wedding, December 27, 1948

Photo: Couple Get Married 60 (Sixty) Times--Wow!


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