Mar 18, 2009

"Transformers 3" To Be Released On July 4, 2012

Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky and Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes in Transformers 3 To Be Released On July 4 2012Transformers' fans are ecstatic upon knowing that a third installment of the 2007 box-office hit movie is in the works. Although the second movie, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," has not even hit the cinemas, Paramount Pictures is confident of its success.

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The first adaptation of the Transformers franchise reaped more than $700,000,000 worldwide.

Given the box-office result, producers confirmed the release of the third live-action film. There are no announcements yet for the cast of the robot-based movie but it is more likely that main actors, Shia Lebeouf and Megan Fox, will be returning.

There is some confusion regarding the release of the Transformers 3 since the studio bosses, last Monday, scheduled it for July 1, 2011 to hit theaters. However, Michael Bay, the film director, wrote on his blog recently, "Paramount made a mistake. They asked me on the phone, (and) I said yes to July 4 (weekend)--but for 2012. Whoops, not 2011! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots."

Here are the exclusive photos of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

"Transformers 3" To Be Released On July 4, 2012


Cashmere 7:27 AM  

Good for them. Waiting for the second one.. We'll see how is it going to be.. It should be ok though.. Watched the trailer. :)

Lover Boy and Girl 7:41 AM  

Hi Cashmere,

Have a great day!

deejay 2:34 PM  

how about the transformer 2? this movie is excellent by the way. thanks for sharing.

Lover Boy and Girl 5:34 PM  

Hi deejay,

Transformers 2 is due for release on June 24, 2009.

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