Mar 20, 2009

Weird--Boy's Stomach Pierced with 5-Foot Iron Rod

Boy's Stomach Pierced with 5-Foot Iron Rod(Click the Photo to Enlarge)

6-year-old Mihir Kumar accidentally fell from a construction site's rooftop and landed on a 5-foot iron rod that pierced through his stomach. He reportedly went up the construction site's roof to get a better view of Holi, India's Festival of Colors, where people throw colored powder and liquids to each other.

Below--Did the boy die?

Witnesses brought the 6-year-old boy to the hospital right away and the iron rod was removed successfully. Mihir Kumar is alive!

Doctors were amazed that no organs were hit by the rod and that the young boy is safe and healthy.

India's Festival of Colors was held last week, March 11, 2009.

Weird: 6-Year-Old Boy's Stomach Pierced with 5-Foot Rod


Cashmere 4:17 AM  

Ouch!! That looks so painful and scary.. ={

Lover Boy and Girl 2:06 PM  

Hi there Cashmere,

It does. We should all be very careful.

Take care!

tripzibit 6:32 PM  

Wow, that kid is very lucky. I hope he's alright when the doctor remove that iron

Lover Boy and Girl 7:16 PM  

Hello tripzibit,

Don't worry, the young man is reportedly safe.

Have a nice day!