Apr 5, 2009

Red and Blue Colors Boost Brain Performance

Red and Blue Colors Boosts Brain PerformanceResearchers from the University of British Columbia stated that different colors, red and blue in particular, unconsciously boost brain function depending on the task. But which of the colors stimulates the brain more, red or blue?

Below-- Colors Boost Brain Performance

Professor Juliet Zhu said that red and blue colors are both effective brain stimulants. The height of their performance only vary on the kind of activities people do. "If the task is calling for attention to details, then red color will help in particular. But if the task is more creative in nature, then blue color will help," she said.

Zhu and other researchers observed 600 participants and evaluated their specific performance in the six cognitive tests taken on a computer that was enhanced with detail orientation or creativity.

For the participants who worked on the computers with red screen, "What we found was that those in the red color background condition were able to make more accurate recalls than those in the blue background conditions," she said.

And to those who were exposed on blue-screened computers, they scored two times higher than other participants when it comes to creative works.

As a conclusion, the researchers said that red enhances the memory while blue color promotes creativity and serenity.

Red and Blue Colors Boost Brain Performance