Apr 1, 2009

Two Men Catch Baby Falling From a Building--HOT!

Alex Day Catch Baby Falling From a BuildingThanks to the 2 heroes from Lawrence, Massachusetts; the 18-month-old baby was saved from a serious fatal incident. Robert Lemire, 45, and Alex Day, 23, never thought how they were able to catch baby Caliah Clark falling from a 30 feet high apartment building.

Below--Full Story.

Seeing baby Caliah, who was just wearing diapers and shirt, dangling from the window of their apartment, Lemire ran hurriedly and shouted, "Hello!...There's a baby out the window!"

When Day (See photo above) heard Lemire shouting, he thought there was fire. Then, he noticed Lemire looking up the window in an apartment, 30 feet from the ground. Surprised, he saw a baby crying and hanging terribly. And when Caliah fell, the two men successfully held the cute baby on their arms.

"When they saved my daughter's life, they saved my own life because if she would have been hurt, I don't know what I'd do. For them to be there to catch my daughter, it's unbelievable. Accidents do happen in a split second." said Randall Clark, 28, the father of Caliah.

Though the other residents of the building said that the parents of the baby were responsible enough, the Lawrence police and the city's Inspectional Services Department remain skeptical as to how the child was left unattended.

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Two Men Catch Baby Falling From a Building