May 6, 2009

22-Year-Old Susan Boyle Singing--VIDEO

22-Year-Old Susan Boyle Singing VideoSusan Boyle, the new singing sensation, was shown in a 25-year-old video performing on stage. The beautiful and slim Boyle was only 22 at that time. She was singing 'I Don't Know How to Love Him' from Jesus Christ Superstar in the Motherwell FC's Fir Park Social Club singing competition.

Below: Video of 22-Year-Old Susan Boyle Performing

The caretaker of the school, Gerry McGuinness, who also found the video, said, "I can remember that she was a shy young girl, but also very attractive back then – she turned a few heads when she came into the club."

"Even back then, I don't think anyone expected too much from her because she was so shy, but when she began singing people took notice. It's great Susan is finally getting some recognition. She is a great singer and it seems right that at some point she would get the credit she deserved."