May 21, 2009

Kris Allen, the Worst Winner of American Idol?

Adam Lambert Kissing Kris Allen American Idol Season 8 WinnerAmerican Idol has ultimately reached its finale after several months of searching for America’s new singing sensation. After nearly 100 million votes cast, Idol host Ryan Seacrest announced that the winner of Idol’s season 8 is Kris Allen.

Is America right in proclaiming Allen as the winner?
Is Adam Lambert robbed of the title he deserves?

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Though Lambert outperformed Allen during the performance night especially with the singing of ‘No Boundaries,’ the winner’s first single which was written by new judge Kara DioGuardi, still, he lost.

Simon Cowell even pimped Lambert as the “worldwide star.” Above all, that was still not enough for him to win the title.

Some industry experts say that the underdog or the darkhorse status of Allen helped him win the entire competition. Is that really the reason or he is simply just the better guy?

Whatever it is.

Congratulations to Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and the rest of the Idol contestants!


online writer 1:17 AM  

i rooted for adam but in fairness to kris, he has his own brand of talent and originality too. the two are different in style and vocal prowess but they are both good in their own leagues.
i hope both of them will have good careers after american idol.