Jun 20, 2009

Blood Type Affects Shower Behavior

Red blood cells Blood Type Affects Shower BehaviorAccording to a survey, people’s blood types and age have something to do with their behavior and thoughts while taking a shower. Dove, a manufacturer of cleansing goods, surveyed the 9,927 visitors of their websites on how they think and act during a shower. View the shocking results below.

Below: Results of Survey that Blood Type Affects Shower Behavior

- 35 percent among Blood Type A’s revealed that they have cried during a shower.

- 55 percent among Blood Type O’s said they think of their opposite gender when they take a shower.

- Among all who claimed that they appreciate their body while in the shower, 33 percent of them have Blood Type B. This affirms the common belief that people with Blood Type B are vain.

- Among all the age groups, 20 percent of 30-something individuals said that they relieve stress during a shower, Chosun Ilbo reported.