Jun 2, 2009

Video: Kristin 'Bella Swan' Stewart of Twilight Drops her MTV Award

Kristin Stewart or Bella Swan of Twilight Drops Her MTV AwardWhen Kristin Stewart a.k.a. Bella Swan, the screen partner of Robert Pattinson in Twilight, was announced the winner for the Best Female Performance at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, something extraordinary happened apart from her acceptance speech—Stewart dropped her award!

Below—VIDEO of Kristin Stewart's Clumsy Moment at 2009 MTV Movie Awards


EddieGarcia 4:14 AM  

I seen a lot of previews for Twilight but have seen the movie. I hope she is better at acting than trying to hold on to things. lol I know she had to be extremely nervous. Thanks for the info!

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