Jul 15, 2009

Amy Winehouse Back From Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Amy Winehouse is Back From Saint Lucia CaribbeanAmy Winehouse returned in the U.K. after her soul-searching in Saint Lucia, an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, for a couple of months.

Winehouse's appearance has dramatically improved. The English singer looks healthier and more beautiful now.

Below: Full Story of Amy Winehouse Back in U.K. From Saint Lucia, Caribbean

A friend of the singer said, "She is good. She has been looking after herself. She did a lot of exercise and she has been eating better. Look at her--she is not what she was."

Winehouse is now set to work on her music which she made with Miami-based producer Salaam Remi in Saint Lucia.

Her friend added that news stories about the alcoholic addiction of the 25-year-old are exaggerated and not all true saying, "She is Amy Winehouse and has a drink. But she has improved considerably. She has had to cope with some huge problems, including her marriage of course."

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