Jul 15, 2009

Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend a Crazy Party Animal

Jon Gosselin New Girlfriend Hailey Glassman a Party AnimalJon Gosselin of the famous TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 recently came out in public with his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck after giving birth to the couple's sextuplets in 2006.

A source revealed that Glassman "is one of those crazy party animals. She would probably be that type of girl who would get on top of the bar and start dancing." The source even added that she is someone who "craves attention."

Below: Full Story of Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend a Crazy Party Animal

The source said that Glassman had no steady boyfriend when she was still studying at Indiana University because of her behavior.

"I've seen her dance with a stripper before at a party... She dresses interestingly. It's pretty fashion-forward," another source disclosed.

Jon's new girl was also involved in several minor encounters with the cops. She was caught possessing a marijuana in 2005. Indiana University Police Public Information Officer Capt. Jerry Minger said that Glassman was busted sharing around a marijuana pipe with the other students at that time.

She was also caught possessing two bags of pot and was even cited in April 2007 for illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage. The former case was closed in November 2006 while the latter case, however, was dismissed in June 2007.

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