Jul 21, 2009

Simon Cowell: Susan Boyle's Debut Album Will Surprise

Simon Cowell Says Susan Boyle Debut Album Will SurpriseSusan Boyle's debut album will definitely exceed expectations according to the album producer Simon Cowell, who was also the judge of Britain's Got Talent which paved way to the singing career of Boyle.

"We're not going to throw out some souvenir album of show tunes which everyone expect(s). We went through about 350 to 400 songs to choose from. She was blown away by some of the song choices... She's going to surprise a lot of people with this record," Cowell told Extra.

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Moreover, Cowell defended Boyle regarding her past hullabaloos including the singer's hospitalization as caused by much exhaustion after Britain's Got Talent finale.

He said, "You got to understand this lady had lived alone with a cat for years and years and years and she was really, literally, the most famous person on the planet."