Jul 16, 2009

Whitney Houston's Seventh Album Cover--'I Look To You'

Whitney Houston's Seventh Album Cover I Look To YouThe cover of the seventh and comeback album of acclaimed singer Whitney Houston is finally revealed. Her new album entitled 'I Look To You' will be released on September 1. 'Just Whitney,' Houston's last album came out in 2002.

Below: Full Story of Whitney Houston's Seventh Album Cover, 'I Look To You'

These are the list of tracks that are confirmed to be included in the album:
- I Didn't Know My Own Strength
- Million Dollar Bill
- I Look To You
- Like I Never Left featuring Akon
- A Song for You
- Calling You Tonight
- Nuthin' But Love
- Worth It
- For the Lovers
"When Clive (Davis) called me I was pretty ready to buy my island home (and retire), but he said, 'No, you're going to sing again, people want to hear you,'" Houston said, according to Billboard.com. "I hope that these songs stay with you for a lifetime."