Sep 1, 2011

AMAZING PHOTO - Lightning Bolt Strike Eiffel Tower

PHOTO Lightning Bolt Strike Eiffel Tower Bertrand KulikAmazing! Photographer Bertrand Kulik captured a breathtaking photo of Paris' Eiffel Tower when a lightning bolt struck it.

The scene looks so dramatic.

The 31-year-old photographer said, "The weather was dry and the sky appeared to be completely clear, but suddenly it started to thunder.

"I quickly grabbed my ­camera and put it on a tripod by the window in the hope I could get an action picture – but I never thought I would get such a ­magnificent shot."

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Rhonda@laugh-quotes 4:20 PM  

Wow, that is an amazing photo.

Donna Brown 4:51 AM  

Impressive picture! I've shared it.